Rebranding Journey: Transforming from 33OH Archery to Drawn Archery

Transforming 33OH Archery to Drawn Archery…… WHY???

I wanted to take a moment and break away from our weekly blog about Bowhunting and Custom Bowstring Performance because I’m sure you noticed a change recently. Where did 33OH Archery go, and WHO IS DRAWN ARCHERY?

Well, it all started at the beginning of our Journey. As many of you heard about how we got to this point, my goal was always to be a local string builder. But what I didn’t think would happen is earning the respect of the Bowhunting Community SO FAST, and begin shipping our Strings all around the country.

Over the summer my friends Cameron, and Lucas went to the Total Archery Challenge, and while we were there we had DEEP conversations about 33OH Archery and its future. Let me first explain, these 2 are very very close friends of mine, and I respect everything they have done in this business, and I take their opinion to heart. If I wanted to reach my goal of “Elevating Archery to new Heights through Innovation and Education”, I would have to lose the “Local Guy” mentality. But how? What do I do next?

During our nights in the Air BNB, we talked about some football Rivalries, Ohio State and Michigan. We spoke about the Cleveland Browns and the Steelers. We spoke about the 2 states on either side of us having major sports rivalries that go so deep, there are family members that don’t speak. I promise you this is true here. What I didn’t think about when we first started off was our logo being an Ohio logo. Putting myself in the consumer’s shoes, there wouldn’t be a chance I would have a PA or MI logo on my truck, no matter how much I loved a company. Simply because of the sports teams. That’s not even counting the amount of bowhunters in MI and PA. Do you think my logos are on their trucks being the state of Ohio? No.

Fast forward to the ride home from TAC. All I could think about was, “Why am I DRAWN to bowhunting”. “Why am I DRAWN to building strings”. “Why am I DRAWN to whitetail”? Then it came to me……. DRAWN ARCHERY WAS BORN!.

I’m very large on transparency. My goal with Drawn Archery is to grow. To add more products in 2024. To add employees. To bring jobs to the country I love so much. To continue to work with our youth and get them into this sport we love so much. BUT I don’t think we will be able to successfully grow at the rate I want to with a state and city specific name. To be even more honest, maybe at the beginning I didn’t have the confidence to think bigger. That’s not where we are now, that’s not where I am now. We belong here, we belong to rival the best that do it, and I plan on taking this to the extreme.

Again, I wanted to take a second and disconnect from the normal education we like to provide everyone and give you an explanation about why we Rebranded. We appreciate every single one of you, and its one of my core beliefs to be transparent. Whether its in business or in a relationship.

Thank you all for being apart of our journey. Thank you for trusting me with you bows. It means the world to us. As always, you can find us on any social medial @drawnarchery, and the new website is

Have a great season!

Tony Sangialosi-Owner Drawn Archery

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